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Welcome to the hompage of the European Hwal Mo Do Federation.
The European Hwal Moo Federation coordinates the co-operation of the Hwal Moo Do schools in the european area!


Hwalmoo Combat Hapkido by
Christodoulou Mihail (5th Dan) in Greece



The Combat Hapkido is a practical system for Self Protection and self-defense without rules, which teaches how to prevent, deal and overcome all kinds of attacks. It is not a traditional martial art, like all those we knew. It is a system which is constantly developed and adds new and specialized fighting techniques.
What makes it different from many other martial arts is that its techniques are simple and applicable in emergency conditions and teaches ways of defense for many different kinds and situations of violence. Its learning is quite easy and the performance of its techniques come very naturally by the trainee in real conditions.
While in other action sports the person is trained only with gloves, protective feet, face, head, etc., in the Combat Hapkido we learn how to face the danger in everyday life, where the above accessories are missing ... So, the student is trained in how to use his hands, legs, body, head or even ... everyday common objects (see keys, spoons, bags etc.) to avoid any attack on anyone space you find (open or closed). Furthermore, the student learns the vulnerable parts of the body, for example, neck, shoulders, eyes, knees, groin, etc. So that to neutralize the opponent effectively.
However the Combat Hapkido is not just a self-defense and avoidance system, so it would be wrong to stand alone in it or interpret it like that. The Combat Hapkido primarily is an aggressive Self-Protection and self-defense system without rules, is a hand to hand fight which is far from philosophies, graceful movements, bows and other relevant.
Moreover, an important role in the training of this system plays the physical condition of the individual. For this reason, the training includes several strength exercises as well as exercises to increase flexibility, with an emphasis on speed, stamina, accuracy and synchronization.

• Prevention, avoidance, escape and evasion.
• Throwing and twists in all directions and angles.
• Attacks and counterattacks performed from all positions and postures, all the rhythms and to all targets, distances, lengths, heights, angles and directions.
• Use of all common objects for defensive purposes.
• Defending all unarmed attacks: punches, kicks and blows of any kind. Escapes from all kinds of handles and locks.
• Defending all armed attacks and threats of knife and sharp objects, sticks and other sharp objects and all firearms.
• Handling and facing these attacks, when coming from all possible directions and places. When executed by one or multiple attackers. When they occur in all possible places, positions and postures. Including limited or open spaces, in an ally, staircase or a car. In all kinds of soil, water, or when there is freedom of movement or a limited space. While the defenders are stationary or moving, they are sitting or standing or lying back, on the side or face down.
• Physical and mental control and disarm.
• Preparing trainees to function in all circumstances and scenarios, in any kind of combat and game environments, according to their needs, the risks faced and the requirements of their work. The Combat Hapkido offers the capacity and brings technical, tactical, physical and mental development, and ability to adapt to any situation.

In the Combat Hapkido there are special courses for women of all ages, where they learn the specialized self-defense techniques in a short time. However, this does not exclude women who wish to enter into the normal adult classes, and there are also special sections for children.



20 years Europoean Hwalmoodo

Europe seminar with the highest graduated
Hwalmoodo grandmasters from Korea on 11th & 12th October in Friedrichsdorf



European Hwalmoodo Seminar in Belgium
9. & 10. November 2013


the most videos of Grandmaster Moon now on youtube!
Please click here:


Hwalmoodo in Switzerland

We are happy about the new Hwalmoodo membership named "Martial Arts Center" in Dielsdort near Zurich in Switzerland in our association. The Dojang headed by Master Thomas Maier. The complete Contact can be found at schools / Switzerland. WELCOME!

Hwal Moo Do Seminar in Edinburgh, Scotland

The first Hwal Moo Do seminar ever to be held in the United Kingdom will take place on the 24th and 25th of November 2012 in Edinburgh (Scotland), held by Master Mark Klinger as well as Benedikt Scholl and Andreas John. The seminar is organised by Stefano Albrecht, the UK representative of the European Hwal Moo Do Federation.



Hwalmoodo European Challenge on 17. November 2012



Hwalmoo Hapkido in St. Petersburg Russia

in April 2012, Hartmut Sparschuh 8th Dan introduced Hwalmoo Hapkido with success in a Russian Hapkido club.
We look forward to continuing to work.


Hwalmoodo Seminar in Belgium with Grandmaster Moon Moon Byoeng Tae 9.Dan

06.november 2011

here the invitation : Belgium Seminar


Hwalmoodo Seminar in Germany with Grandmaster Moon Moon Byoeng Tae 9.Dan

29. & 30. october 2011

here the invitation : Germany Seminar


Belgium Team in South Korea

picture of the team

On June 21, a 10-person team from Belgium flew to South Korea to train and visit the country of Hwalmoodo’s roots. Also other less known traditional Korean martial arts were on planning as well as visits to most interesting places of culture and fun.
Among several smaller attractions was also an overnight at a traditional Korean family in the country side. Significantly, however, was training at the Headquarter of the Hwalmoodo Association with Grandmaster Moon. In the evenings there were trainings sessions planned in the other schools of the association. The first weekend there was a visit to the cultural city “Gyeongju”, where in addition to culture there was a visit to the largest water amusement park “California Beach”. The water slides over there are beyond imagination. In the second week the training became more intensive because of the constant heat. Regular visits to the Korean sauna were more than welcome. After another week of training a 2 day trip to the beaches of Pusan was planned. The third week was spent entirely in Seoul and its surroundings, where lots of palaces, the nations border, markets, shops and of course for the youth the never ending nightlife was quite an experience. A special highlight was a trip to the fortress of Suwon, where the team had the opportunity to experience Korean traditional archery.

South Korea is really worth a trip..



Hwalmoodo European Challenge 2010

It takes place on 20th november 2010 in Ober Rosbach - germany! the start is pssible in the categories of self defense demonstration, Kickboxing, submission wrestling, breaking test and fall technics.


German Masters Fullcontact 2010 Middelwight - 76 kg K1 rules

On march 27th, the European Hwal Moo Do Federeation orgnized the German Championchip in Fullcontact K1 rules in Saarland, south-west germany. The Italien fighter Guiseppe Pantane win with knock out in third round aginst Ata Dogan from Turkey. More than 1500 people come to see this great fight. It was a successful competition for our organisation. Thanks to everybodys help!

Bilder zum Event

Official approval of the greek government

In the beginning of march, the greek government has officially approved Hwal Moo Do. Like Tae Kwon Do, Wrestling, Boxing and Judo, Hwal Moo Do is now an official martial art in Greece.


Seminar in Hesse 2010

On february 27th, the Hapkido Center Friedrichsdorf organized a seminar, under the guidance of Frano and Natale Zanfino, for our dojangs in Hesse. It has to be noted, that all leaders of the dojangs in Hesse were present and a successful seminar took place.
We look forward to a good cooperation!

10 years of Hwal Moo Do in Greece

On February 28th 2009 the greece Hwal Moo Hapkido Association celebrated her 10-year-anniversary. Especially for this event Yvan de Wever (7. Dan) and Mark Klinger (6. Dan) came to Greece. Numerous students from the overall 15 Hwal Moo Do dojangs in Greece came to attend the seminar. In the late evening after the class the event was celebrated with Busukia in accordance to the greek culture

Hwal Moo Do in Greece
On December 2nd 1999 Hwal Moo Do (at the time under the name of Hwal Moo Hapkido) was presented to the greek Hapkido students by Mark Klinger for the first time during a 2-day seminar in Athens. Back then the Greeks were training under the alliance of the IHF. In December 1999 the Greek Hapkido Association, under the leadership of Spiros Florakis (5. Dan), switched to the Korea Hwal Moo Hapkido Association. Since then Mark Klinger visited them over 30 times in the following 10 years and propagated the Hwal Moo Do in Greece together with Spiros Florakis. Because of this good and tight cooperation, the greek Hwal Moo Do Association became one of the strongest national associations in Europe with 15 dojangs today.
We wish the greek Hwal Moo Do representatives under the leadership of Spiros Florakis more successful xears in the future